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Mike Pence, that unpalatable but inevitable alternative to Trump after he’s thrown out of office and into jail, has published a book (well, it was actually his wife, but what’s the diff?) about their adorable bunny, Marlon Bundo. It’s called A Day in the Life of the Vice President. It’s supposed to be oh so cute.

Well, John Oliver got wind of this, and came up with a terrific plan to piss Pence off. He has published a book called A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. It is told by the Second Bunny himself, and concerns his adventures falling in love with … a boy bunny!

It is an actual, serious children’s book, suitable for young readers. At the end of Sunday’s show he gave a copy to each audience member and told the rest of us how to buy one. And all the profits will go to either the Trevor Project, which is dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBT youth, or AIDS United. That ought get that faggot-hating asshole’s goat!

You know what might be even better? Oliver thought it might be cool if his book outsold the one by the Butt-Sucker-in-Chief. Naturally I had to go to Amazon and see. Guess what? A Day in the Life of the Vice President debuted at #4 … and {{A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo} is the #1 selling book on Amazon! Not just the #1 children’s book, but #1 on the whole site! Amazon best sellers.

And I haven’t even bought my copy yet!

March 21, 2018
Vancouver, WA