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Another One Bites the Ice

You may have seen the viral picture of the traffic jam a few days ago, nearing the summit of Mt. Everest (Known in Nepalese as Sagarmatha, in Tibetan as Chomolungma). What you are looking at is a picture of about a hundred morons … minus the Sherpas, who climb to make a living. If you are on Everest these days you are, by definition, a moron. More details »

Latest Novel

Irontown Blues

A new noir science fiction novel from a master of science fiction set in the Eight Worlds series about a detective on the hunt for biohackers who have created a dangerous new disease.

Christopher Bach was a policeman in one of the largest Lunar cities when the A.I. Lunar Central Computer had a breakdown, known as the Big Glitch, but it turned out to be a larger war than ...

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Latest Movie Review


The well of “Marvel Universe” characters, something I know very little about, is apparently bottomless. Lower your bucket to the upper waters and you pull up Spiderman. Drop down a lot lower and you dredge up concepts like this one. It’s some sort of symbiote that has no trouble erupting from its host, increasing its mass tenfold instantaneously, and then slipping back inside and hiding, ...

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Latest Collection

Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe and Other Stories

“This stellar collection by John Varley contains eleven provocative, utterly distinctive stories and novellas. None of them are currently available in any other book. Some have been unavailable in any form for twenty-five years or more. The result is a publishing event that no admirer of Varley—or of first-rate imaginative fiction—can afford to miss.

“The ...

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An Experiment

I really hate the big New York publishing houses. I started off here with two pages going into all the reasons I hate them, listing all the ways they screw authors these days. Then I read it and decided that I was sounding like a whiny little bitch, so I tossed all that. Suffice it to say that, what with the mergers where big companies became even bigger and other factors, everything that ...

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Featured Short Fiction

The Black Hole Passes

It may be lonely out in space, but when working out in space, you are never really alone.

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Featured Film

A Short Overview of Titan

Here's a very short but quite impressive video made by Jean-Paul Verne, a fly-through of Gaea from my trilogy. M. Verne wants to be involved if a movie ever gets made. Over the years many, many people have written to me wishing these books would be made into a movie. Naturally, I'd like that, too. Let's hope this is not as close as we'll ever get.

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Featured Video

Accidental Hippies

Sometime not long after my high school graduation I was studying at Michigan State University when my long-time girlfriend dumped me. I entered such a state of depression that I could not continue in college. So I dropped out and decided to hit the road with Chris Kingsley, my best friend in the world. Chris had much more experience of life on the road than I did, had actually hitched to ...

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