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We Bought a Tesla!

Here’s what happened. Lee came across what looked like a tiny, yellowing IOU at the bottom of some ancient records. It was from the Tooth Fairy, and she said she was a little short of cash and would pay me a dime the next night. It was dated May 8, 1954. I was seven! She’s still in business, you know, the Tooth Fairy, so Lee tracked her down and demanded payment. The old biddy was not ...

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Looking Back

James Bacon Gets a STAR

When: Friday, April 6, 2007 at 11:30 a.m.

Location: 1637 Vine Street, south of Hollywood Blvd.

She was drinking champagne and straight vodka and occasionally popping a pill, … I said, “Marilyn, the combination of pills and alcohol will kill you.” And she said, “It hasn’t killed me yet.” Then she took another drink and popped another pill. I ...

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Demon is the third book in the Gaean Trilogy.

Gaea, the world and goddess, has gone insane; she kidnaps the son of the witch Robin. Cirocco Jones and the Titanides set out in search of him into a headlong confrontation with the monstrous power of Gaea.

Demon is … a novel that’s packed full of individual moments and scenes ...

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Movie Reviews

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

If Jodie Foster has ever played the part of a ditsy blonde during her career, I’m not aware of it, and I’d expect it to be the worst bit of miscasting in the history of cinema. There is just something about the girl, and then the woman, that radiates smarts. And of course it’s not an illusion; she speaks fluent French and can get by in German, Spanish, and Italian, and took time off from ...

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Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe and Other Stories

“This stellar collection by John Varley contains eleven provocative, utterly distinctive stories and novellas. None of them are currently available in any other book. Some have been unavailable in any form for twenty-five years or more. The result is a publishing event that no admirer of Varley—or of first-rate imaginative fiction—can afford to miss.

“The ...

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Short Fiction


It is said that to understand someone, you need to see the world through another’s eyes. What understanding would come through another’s sex?

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Titan: An Overview

A Short Overview of Titan

Here's a very short but quite impressive video made by Jean-Paul Verne, a fly-through of Gaea from my trilogy. M. Verne wants to be involved if a movie ever gets made. Over the years many, many people have written to me wishing these books would be made into a movie. Naturally, I'd like that, too. Let's hope this is not as close as we'll ever get.

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Accidental Hippies

Accidental Hippies

Sometime not long after my high school graduation I was studying at Michigan State University when my long-time girlfriend dumped me. I entered such a state of depression that I could not continue in college. So I dropped out and decided to hit the road with Chris Kingsley, my best friend in the world. Chris had much more experience of life on the road than I did, had actually hitched to ...

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