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The good folks at MileHiCon 48 have invited me to be one of their author Guests of Honor! It will be held October 28-30 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. You can find all the information here at their website: MileHiCon 48

I will be appearing on quite a few different panels and other events, such as:

Friday at 2 PM: Romance in Genre Fiction. No idea what that will be about, but I’m all in favor of romance.

Friday at 5 PM: The Gaea Trilogy Revisited. This will be just me and an interviewer. That should be interesting, too, as the host will probably know more about the books than I do, since it’s been ages since I read them.

Friday at 7 PM: To Boldly Go: Ceremonies and LSF Award.

Friday at 8 PM: GoH Autograph Alley / MHC Meet. Don’t know what MHC is, but there will be a bunch of us there, including two people I actually know: Ed Bryant and Connie Willis.

Saturday at 10 AM: An Hour With John Varley. Don’t know what will be happening here, but it should be a good chance to ask me any questions you might have.

Saturday Noon: Pre-Millennium Chat. I guess this will be me telling stories of my involvement with the making of Millennium, the movie I wrote that actually got made, followed by a showing of the movie itself.

Saturday at 2 PM: Why and How of Short Stories. The why is easy. Because they are fun to read. As to how … I hope I remember. There will be four other people on the panel with me, but I don’t know any of them.

Saturday at 4 PM: Mass Autographing and T-shirt Showcase. Exactly what it says, I guess. Bring your own crazy T-shirt?

Saturday at 7 PM: Getting the Science Right. A panel with four other people I don’t know.

Sunday at 11 AM: GoH Remarks and Awards. With the other four GoHs. I’ll be expected to make some remarks, i.e., a speech. Anyone have any good ideas for what to talk about?

12:30 PM: Possible Post-Remarks Autographing. I case you missed me at the other two autographing sessions.

It would be really great if some of you faithful readers on the mailing list could show up. I’d love to meet you. And you may have noticed that there’s a lot of autographing going on. So if you have any books you would like to have signed, that would be the time to bring them.

And if there are some Varley books missing from your collection, I have many of them for sale at the website. We promise that we will mail them out in time for you to bring them to the convention … but you have to act fast. The con is almost upon us!

Vancouver, WA
October 13, 2016