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Welcome to the John Varley bookstore.

I will sign these books, and inscribe them with whatever you wish if you want me to. They are priced as marked, plus shipping ($5 to US destinations, $10 to Canada) and wrapping them up.

The story collection Goodbye, Robinson Crusoe was a limited edition with a price tag of $45. These are all signed already, but I will personalize them if you wish. Then there are 3 advance uncorrected proofs, what are called “bound galleys” in the book business. These are like trade paperbacks, but have full cover art. Because of the rarity, we are also asking $45 for these, same price as the hardcovers.

We will be accepting payment by PAYPAL ONLY. Sorry, any other method is too cumbersome and takes up too much of our time.

Right now we are not accepting any orders from overseas, but check back with us when we have this going for a while and we’ll see.

Shipping to Canada will cost a bit more: $10. I’m sorry, but the postage rates have been so outrageous that we have actually lost money on some Canadian orders.

Here is what we have available:


Concerning order fulfillment:

We are not Amazon, with its cavernous warehouses and thousands of DESPICABLE ME robots zipping around delivering barbecue grills, make-up, cell phones, gourmet food, French horns, dog leashes, slippers and—oh, right!—a book now and then.

Hell, we are not even K-Mart.

We are strictly a kitchen-table operation. Your book will be carefully selected from our shelves, lovingly hand-wrapped, and decorated with real US Postage stamps.

Then, because Your Government, in its wisdom, has decided that dropping a parcel weighing more than 12 ounces into a mailbox where it won’t be inspected by the guy who picks it all up (thus constituting an open invitation to terrorism), all such parcels must be presented AT A POST OFFICE, where it won’t be inspected by the person behind the counter … we will personally deliver, at great inconvenience, all books to the appropriate postal employee!

We damn sure don’t intend to stand in line like that every day. Once a week is more like it, or whenever we have received enough orders to make the trip worthwhile.

Therefore, don’t be alarmed if your order doesn’t arrive as promptly as you are used to from Amazon. If you haven’t seen it in three weeks, drop us a line and we will let you know what’s happening.