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A little after midnight tonight we got a frantic, hysterical phone call from Mary-Beth, Lee’s eldest daughter. You know that a call at that time of night is seldom good news. Lee’s youngest daughter, Annie, had just died in her sleep.

We knew she had Graves’ Disease, a thyroid condition that causes uncontrolled rapid heartbeat, among other things. But it seemed to be under control. Lee talked to her on the phone last Sunday, just as she does every Sunday. She seemed just fine. Annie may be one of the most optimistic people I have ever known. No matter how shitty things got, she could always seem to find the bright side. She loved to laugh.

She and her husband Bob live in Redmond, Oregon. They have two sons, Tommy and Joey. If you want to know more about Annie, you can find her on facebook:

We don’t pray, so we’re not asking that you pray for us, Bob, Tommy, and Joey. But the thoughts part of thoughts and prayers … well, it couldn’t hurt if you keep us, and them, in your thoughts today.


May 23, 2019
Vancouver, WA