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The well of “Marvel Universe” characters, something I know very little about, is apparently bottomless. Lower your bucket to the upper waters and you pull up Spiderman. Drop down a lot lower and you dredge up concepts like this one. It’s some sort of symbiote that has no trouble erupting from its host, increasing its mass tenfold instantaneously, and then slipping back inside and hiding, ... Read more »

Ralph Breaks the Internet


I was quite enthusiastic about Wreck-It Ralph, and this sequel is even better. Sarah Silverman is back as Vanellope, and Jane Lynch as the super-soldier. Vanellope is glitching, turning into static now and then, and still obsessed with winning the races in her game, Sugar Rush. It is all wonderful, but two things stand out over all the ingenious stuff. One is the ... Read more »

The Mule


Clint Eastwood’s most recent (and quite possibly his last) acting and directing jobs. I recall the story of two grannies who were arrested smuggling huge quantities of heroin from Mexico into the U.S. Because, I mean, who would suspect these nice little old ladies? This is a true story of an old man who worked as a drug mule for the cartels. He is eventually caught, of course (or he’d ... Read more »



If you have seen Barry Lyndon (and if you haven’t and can tolerate an unusually slow pace, go see it at once!) you will remember the adult Lord Bullingdon, who engages in the climactic, stunning duel at the end. He was played by Leon Vitali, a successful stage actor with a few screen credits. Then he just left his career to become Stanley Kubrick’s assistant for ... Read more »

Veronica Mars


Every once in a while a show comes on the TV that I hear good things about, but I am never able to find the time to watch. Shows that I think I may like. There’s only so many hours in the day, and I have to write. So I missed Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I think I might have enjoyed. There are several others I won’t bother to list. Having seen this movie I ... Read more »

Christopher Robin

(USA, UK, 2018)

This is not another of those Disney reboots that have been coming so fast and frequently. It’s more like those re-imaginings of Peter Pan we have seen now and then. Simply a bad idea. Old Chris is grown up now, and has forgotten poor Pooh and his friends in the 100-aker wood. I didn’t buy the animation, and I hated Jim Cummings, the voice actor they cast as Pooh. To tell the truth, I was ... Read more »

Green Book


Oh, brother. Aside from announcing the wrong Best Picture award at the 2016 ceremony (wrong from the balloting, anyway; La La Land was a much better movie than Moonlight), this is the most recent huge controversy at the Oscars.

I’ve never really liked Spike Lee. Don’t get me wrong, he has made some ... Read more »

On the Basis of Sex


We all should really get down on our knees every night and pray to whatever gods there be, the old or the new, the seven-faced or the faceless, even the bloody Lord of Light, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg wakes the next morning, ready to do battle with those fucking shitheads recently installed on the Supreme Court. She’s old. She had cancer, three times! She beat ... Read more »

Solo: A Star Wars Story


This is the last Star Wars movie I have seen, and it’s quite likely to be the last ever. I’ve grown very tired of it, just as I was underwhelmed by the first Harry Potter spinoff about beasts, whatever that was called, and didn’t bother with the second one. Like most people, I was stunned by the first Star Wars, Episode IV, and enjoyed ... Read more »

The Old Man and the Gun


The true story of Forrest Tucker, a man who gave new meaning to the term “career criminal.” He spent most of his life in prison, but managed to escape custody no less than eighteen times, once from San Quentin! He was also known as the Gentleman Bank Robber. He was always polite and well-dressed, and seldom even had to draw the gun he had under his coat. He may very well never have fired ... Read more »