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Dreams With Sharp Teeth


See “Harlan Ellison: Dreams With Sharp Teeth.”

The Greatest Showman


I love musicals. Hugh Jackman is a terrifically talented singer and dancer. (I hope he’s making a damn fortune from that Wolverine nonsense.) P.T. Barnum is a great subject for a musical. The production design is outstanding. The singing and dancing from the rest of the cast is fine. The music is rousing. So I kept asking myself, why am I not having a better time?

I think it was ... Read more »


(UK, USA, 2016)

In 1993 Deborah Lipstadt published a book titled Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. In it, she accused well-known racist, anti-Semitic, fucking Nazi holocaust denier, liar, and all-around piece of human garbage David Irving of being a racist, anti-Semitic, fucking Nazi holocaust denier, liar, and all-around piece of human garbage. So ... Read more »

Blade Runner 2049


There is not one goddam thing to praise in this film. Even the frickin’ music, by the vastly overrated Hans Zimmer, is horrible. And I hardly know what to say about it, because it is one of those films where, to my horror and disbelief, the critics loved it. At Metacritic there are 47 raves, 7 mixed, and Read more »

Blade Runner (Second Review + Blade Runner 2049)

(USA, Hong Kong, 1982)

When we managed to pick ourselves up off the floor after viewing the bloated, dim, incomprehensible, ponderous catastrophe that is Blade Runner 2049 I just had to pop this one into the DVD player to reassure myself that it actually was a damn good movie. Something to take the bitter taste of disaster out of my mouth. I’m happy to report that it is just as good as ... Read more »

The Bank Job (Second review)

(UK, 2007)

I think British people would know a lot more about this based-on-fact story than I did, going in. It’s about what came to be known as the Baker Street Robbery, which at the time was the largest amount of money stolen from anyone, ever. And it wasn’t pulled off by an Ocean’s Eleven type gang of genius specialists, but by ordinary working stiffs. That they got as ... Read more »

Genius: Picasso (Second Series)


The first of these planned series on the National Geographic Channel covered Einstein, who I think no one will disagree was the genuine article. Series three will be about Mary Shelley. I really wonder about that. Clearly they were desperately casting about for a female genius, and there’s no denying Ms. Shelley was smart, but genius? I don’t think so. A genius ... Read more »

Loving Vincent

(Poland, UK, USA, 2017)

Pixar Studios have no greater fan than I, and I thought Coco was a terrific film. But this is the one that probably should have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Probably. I’m pretty sure. The thing is, Coco, though it was gorgeous and stunningly detailed, didn’t show me anything new. This one does. It is made from 65,000 Read more »

In the Heat of the Night


There are movies that you remember where you were when you first saw them, and this is one. It was in a theater on Market Street in San Francisco, now long gone to urban development. The audience was pretty demonstrative, and they were solidly on the side of Mister Virgil Tibbs. There was cheering when Virgil revealed that he was a police detective, and not the ... Read more »

The Score (Second Review)


The heist is a clearly unworkable Rube Goldberg device of bypassed security, mechanical gizmos, and other such stuff, where the failure of any one of a hundred elements would spell instant disaster. But that’s what you accept when you watch a heist movie, or you shouldn’t watch it. You just sit back and watch it all revealed, as in classics like Topkapi and more ... Read more »