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I recently had a request from a reader in France. He wanted to know if I would be willing to sign and inscribe a copy of my novel Steel Beach if he sent one to me and paid for the return postage. I told him it would be simpler if I sold him a copy from my shelf. He could include the postage when he paid for it with PayPal. He was happy to do that.

That got me thinking. I have been translated into 16 languages (that I know of; I am pretty certain that Russian and Chinese printers have pirated some of my books), including Esperanto! When these books come in I put one copy on my personal shelf, and the rest go into the closet to gather dust. There are cobwebs in there that could trap a St. Bernard.

So I’m wondering, is there anyone out there who would like a copy of Titan in Italian? Or Red Lightning in German? Or even Demon in Croatian?

If so, what I’d ask you to do is write to me at the website and tell me what you are interested in. I’m asking $25 for any of the books below. Then I would see what postage would to your home in … say, the Seychelle Islands, to name an almost antipodally distant destination … would be. (Looks like $23.25, which is about what it cost to mail the book to France. International postage is outrageous these days.)

Who knows? Maybe nothing will come of this. But it’s worth trying, and I promise to blow the dust off and check for black widow spiders. If you yourself aren’t bilingual, maybe you know someone who is and might be interested. So tell your friends!

The Ophiuchi Hotline (Le Canal Ophite) 1 copy
Titan 2 copies
Steel Beach (Gens de la Lune) Two different covers, 4 and 2 copies
The Golden Globe (le système Valentine) 4 copies
Démon Volume 1 & 2

Titan (Titano) Two different covers, 4 and 2 copies
Wizard (Nel Segno Di Titano) 4 copies
Demon, Prima Parte 4 copies
Demon, Seconda Parte The publication was split into two parts. 4 copies

Red Thunder (Roter Donner) 3 copies
Red Lightning (Roter Blitz) 4 copies
Titan (Der Satellit) 1 copy
Demon (Der Dämon) 1 copy
The Persistence of Vision, published in 2 volumes, containing 6 of the 9 stories in the English first publication.
Volume 1 (Voraussichten) (The Black Hole Passes (Liebesfahrt zum Schwarzen Loch), Air Raid (Luftpiraten), The Persistence of Vision (Die Trägheit des Auges) 1 copy
Volume 2 (Noch mehr Voraussichten) (In the Hall of the Martian Kings (Im Audienzsaal der Marskönige), Retrograde Summer (Rückläufiger Sommer), The Phantom of Kansas (Das Phantom von Kansas) 1 copy

Titan (Titaan) 2 copies
The Ophiuchi Hotline (Rodelijnmet Ophiuchi) 1 copy
Wizard (Tovenaar) 1 copy

Titan (Titán) 1 hardcover copy
Steel Beach (Playa de Acero) 1 copy
Blue Champagne (Contains all the stories in the original English publication.) 1 copy
The Persistence of Vision (La persistencia de la vision) (Contains The Persistence of Vision (La persistencia de la vision), In the Bowl (En el cuenco), Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (Cantad, bail ad), Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (Perdido en el banco de memoria) 1 copy

Titan Volume 1, 2 copies
The Ophiuchi Hotline (Ofiúco, o aviso) 1 copy

Press Enter. An anthology containing PRESS ENTER, Blue Champagne, The Persistence of Vision, The Barbie Murders, and Goodbye, Robinson Crusoe. 4 copies
The Barbie Murders. To tell the truth, I don’t know what the hell is in this anthology, except for the story PRESS ENTER. There is no English table of contents. It was published in 1980. I have 2 copies.
Eight Worlds Collection, Volume 1. Picnic on Nearside, Retrograde Summer, The Black Hole Passes, In the Bowl, The Phantom of Kansas, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, and Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance. 4 copies
Eight Worlds Collection, Volume 2. The Funhouse Effect, Goodbye Robinson Crusoe, Lollipop and the Tar Baby, Equinoctial, Options, Beatnik Bayou. 4 copies

I have 2 copies of this handsome trade paperback. It is labeled as Firebird Science Fiction Masterpieces 10, and that’s just about all there is in English. There are 4 stories in it, and I don’t know which ones they are. It is interesting that there are footnotes to explain Western terms to the Korean reader, thing like fairy godmother, Professor Moriarty, and red herring. Korean script is actually quite attractive, and much easier to look at than Chinese or Japanese.

Goodbye, Robinson Crusoe (Farvel, Robinson Crusoe) 1 copy

Titan 1 copy
Wizard 1 copy

The Ophiuchi Hotline (Gorąca Linia z Wężownika) 1 copy

Titan 1 copy

Demon 1 copy

December 16, 2018
Vancouver, WA