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Love Potion No. 9


Sandra Bullock was not the big star she is today. Speed was still two years in her future. Here, Tate Donovan goes to a gypsy (Anne Bancroft, having fun) and gets Love Potion No. 8, which messes with your vocal cords to the point that anyone of the opposite sex (homosexuality is not discussed) who hears you talk will fall madly, hopelessly in love with you. It’s a lot of fun at first. He shares his discovery with Sandy, and they cavort among the moneyed, powerful crowd, breaking hearts along the way. Then a man who is obsessed with Sandra gets his hands on the stuff and charms her away from Tate. So he has to go back to the gypsy and get something else, No. 9, which is tricky stuff. I had some fun watching it, particularly after Sandra stopped being an unattractive nerd and came into her own. She’s not that good at looking bad, I think. Her true beauty always shines through.