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This series played for three seasons on A&E, then it was cancelled, and picked up by Netflix. It seems to have remained popular. It is set in Wyoming, and centers around a sheriff who has lost his wife under so-far-unexplained circumstances a year ago. We have only seen the first season so far, but it’s clear that there is a deeper story concerning her loss that we have yet to hear. Walt Longmire is struggling to deal with that, and fending off a challenge from a younger deputy, Bailey Chase, to replace him in the coming election. He has a beautiful female deputy, Katee Sackhoff, who is loyal to him, but impatient with some of the things he does. His best friend is an Indian bar owner, Henry Standing Bear, played well by Lou Diamond Phillips. His biggest enemy is a tribal policeman, Zahn McClarnon. He is not popular at all on the Cheyenne rez, but then no white man really is. Walt is played by Robert Taylor, an Australian (though you would never, never guess that), and he looks a little like Harrison Ford. It all works rather well, and we intend to take in the second season when we get around to it.