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The Lorax


The Lorax (2012) Sometimes, as with movies like Mary Poppins, it’s better if you don’t know the source material. I was able to enjoy that movie unreservedly because I’d never read the book. Likewise, though I have been madly in love with Dr. Seuss since I read the books like McElligot’s Pool and If I Ran the Zoo and all those earlier ones, I never encountered the Lorax. He was for a later generation, and thus can’t be spoiled for me almost no matter what Hollywood does to him. And I gather, from sampling a few reviews, that they really fucked him over big time. Okay, sorry for you folks who were so let down. As for myself, I saw this as an agreeably colorful, slaphappy little fable that went down easily enough with popcorn. But if you love the Lorax, you should be warned.