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Love Is All You Need

(Den skaldede frisør (The Bald Hairdresser)), Denmark, 2012)

Though the film is in Danish, a lot of English is spoken. I have to say, the Danish title makes a lot more sense than what it was released as over here—she was a hairdresser, and she was bald, from chemotherapy—but I guess that title might be hard to market. The story concerns the son of Pierce Brosnan getting married to the daughter of the hairdresser, Trine Dyrholm, at a nice old house in a lemon orchard in one of those fantastically scenic coastal villages in Italy. Her husband has just left her for a dumb-as-a-rock younger woman … who he takes with him to the wedding! The night before much liquor is drunk, and some things are said and done that can’t be undone. And it seems there might be something troubling the groom … which I won’t get into. It is crystal clear from the beginning that Pierce and Trine will get together in the end, but the journey getting there is well-written and well-acted by all. And the scenery is to die for.