Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Land of the Lost


This movie seems to have been constructed from cast-off bits of other movies—the parts other writers deemed too stupid to include in their already fairly stupid plots. Will Farrell plays the most unappealing, obnoxious, idiotic character to be found even in his own portfolio of assholes, which is quite an asshole portfolio. At one point he is swallowed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a bit later is expelled through its prehistoric anus. (Sadly, we don’t get to see this.) A bit before that he pours a bucket of dinosaur urine over his head. In case we didn’t get how howlingly funny this was, he does it again, and then again. Then he drinks some. That’s sort of how I felt after watching this movie: Marinated in reptile piss, and then shat out through the bunghole of a giant lizard.