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A Look Into the 23rd Century


Here’s a little “Making of” documentary about Logan’s Run. It’s only nine minutes long, and the reason I wanted to see it is that the movie was directed by my friend Michael Anderson, who also directed my own movie, Millennium, thirteen years later. Michael is briefly interviewed, as well as Michael York and the producer, and scenes of action are shown. I recall that I thought the movie was pretty silly at the time, but what impresses me now is how cheesy it all looks now. It was a big-budget film, and the sets are colorful but silly. The model work is about on the level of a good train set. And remember those old holograms? Cylindrical sheets of plastic with a light in the middle, and when you looked at them you saw a 3D image that repeated over and over? It seemed pretty high-tech back then, and real pathetic now. This sure didn’t make me want to see the movie again.