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Strange Weather


I don’t know if Holly Hunter chooses to act in small films like this because she simply loves the more intimate feel of them or because she can’t land roles in the big movies that certainly pay a lot more. I prefer to think it’s the former. She has shined in a whole lot of “festival” films that she has to have known would never get a big release and a big audience. I really respect her for that. She’s one of my favorite actresses.

Here her son committed suicide seven years ago. How does one cope with that? I’d do badly, I assume, and so does she. Then she finds out that her son’s best friend stole the son’s detailed business plan, and turned it into a lucrative franchise business called Hot Dawg. Right down to the name. He’s shitting in high cotton down in New Orleans. She becomes obsessed with this, not for the money, but for the betrayal. She wonders if the Hot Dawg man drove her son to suicide. So she sets out with her best friends to confront the son of a bitch.

No need to get into plot details, or how it ends. It’s a good story, well told, worth your time if you’re not totally into superhero movies.