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Seven Days in May


(Second review, 2016) What was it about the early ‘60s, and year 1964 in particular, that was so conducive to excellent black and white films about warm and politics? There was The Best Man, Fail-Safe, The Manchurian Candidate, Dr. Strangelove, and this one. Every one of them a classic.

I think we thought a military coup against our elected government was a pretty far-fetched idea back then, though it made excellent drama. I guess I still think it’s not likely … maybe because it won’t be necessary. As I write this, it is only a few more weeks before we find out if Americans are FUCKING IDIOTIC ENOUGH to elect a narcissistic, demagogic, bullying, piece of shit to the presidency. Who needs the generals when almost half the country is poised to vote for that fucking orangutan-colored whiny little bitch?

Oh, well. We will see. As for this film, Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster have never been better. All the cast is excellent, and the script is dynamite. I can watch this one over and over.