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It’s Not Just You, Murray!


(15 minutes) Scorsese’s second short Tisch film. This one won a lot of awards, and I can see why. The production values are miles ahead of his first one, and it has an actual story that’s pretty funny. He would later use the technique of having the protagonist talk about himself in Goodfellas. It is obvious that he had recently seen 8½, when he had a lot of Fellini-esque people dancing around a Cadillac convertible at the end. I was amused to see that the musical score was performed by the John W. Dodd Junior High School Band, Freeport, Long Island. It consisted mainly of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, which my high school band played endlessly my sophomore and junior years as the seniors got their diplomas. I must have played that bitch a thousand times. If I never hear it again, I’ll be happy.