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The Invisible Woman

(UK, 2013)

It’s not an SF film, but a period piece that features Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens at the height of his fame, when he could fill a large hall with people who came to hear him read, and Felicity Jones as 18-year-old Nelly Ternan, the youngest of an acting family headed by Kristin Scott Thomas. Nelly is not very good. But she attracts the eye of Dickens, whose marriage is no longer filled with love.

It’s based historical fact. She really existed, and was his mistress until his death. I hadn’t known Dickens was in a terrible train crash, but it’s true, and he helped save some lives, but had to conceal his presence on the train because Nelly was with him. It’s well-written and acted, but didn’t really move me much.