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Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers


The title says it all. There are over 100,000 employees of private contractors in Iraq, handling everything from providing clean water to the troops (most of it is filthy) to trundling convoys of empty trucks back and forth because you get paid whether you deliver a cargo or not, to burning $100,000 trucks because they have flat tires, to the odd spot of torture at health spas like Abu Ghraib. (These are just a few examples of dozens in this film, and not even the worst ones.) They work for hundreds of companies, but I will let Halliburton, the boss hog at this trough, stand for them all. If you don’t know by now that Halliburton came striding up the Eastern seaboard from Washington a few years ago, bitch-slapped the Statue of Liberty, punched her in the gut, brought her to her knees and lifted her skirts and has been butt-fucking her ever since, as torrents of money spill from her mouth … well, then you just haven’t been paying attention.

We’ve moved from the era of the $600 toilet seat to the $45 six-pack of Coke—which Halliburton bought for 50 cents in Baghdad—and the $100 load of laundry that isn’t even clean when it’s done. (I’m not making this up, this is literally true. A soldier tries to do his own laundry and is told by his commander that it’s illegal. Illegal.) Every executive employee of Halliburton and their secretaries in Iraq and Kuwait rates a $40,000 SUV, for which they bill the government $250,000 … and they are never driven. There is no place to drive them to. They sit there on the desert sands, leased at $7000/month, and when it’s over Uncle Sam won’t even own them.
Dick Cheney: “Hand me some more grease, George, this bitch is about to cum!” Harry Truman would have had these people stood up against a wall and shot. Hell, Dwight Eisenhower would have shot them himself.

I accuse Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, and all the giant corporations bleeding the US and Iraq of every nickel they can squeeze of out them of high treason against my beloved nation. If you’re not ready to go that far, watch this movie, and you’ll be tying the noose yourself and looking for the right tree to hang them from.