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(Australia, 2006)

Something weird is happening in the house artist Susan Sarandon shares with Sam Neill. Toys are going missing, an owl vase is full of wasps, things are getting moved around. She suspects Emily Blunt, Sam’s co-worker. She is soon driven slightly around the bend, breaking into Emily’s home looking for proof. A restraining order is issued. Then …

I’m trying to think of a movie where someone seems to be going crazy, and actually is going crazy. There must be a few, but none are coming to me. A movie like this, the only real question is, who is fucking with her head? Since the list of legitimate suspects here (that is, not someone who just pops up at the end) is pitifully small, you have a fair chance of being right if you just flip a coin. This takes a lot of the suspense away. It could have been a lot better if there were a few more red herring people with unsuspected motives for all this fol-de-rol.