Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Ice Princess


Hollywood churns out about a dozen sports movies a year, and the most you can expect of most of them is a mild rush of euphoria when the underdog wins. They take the same basic plot, file off the serial numbers, and make the same movie whether the sport is football, baseball, golf, tennis, arm wrestling, badminton, ping-pong, or barrel jumping. I think it’s time for a curling movie, myself. I can just see the tense final scene, the guys walking down the ice, frantically sweeping and scratching, sweeping and scratching, until … YESSSSS!!! He shoots! He scores! A rousing rendition of “O Canada …” Tears, hugs, big mugs of Molson …

This was obviously made for teenagers and skating maniacs. It is possible to make a film that appeals to adults as well as teens, but this doesn’t bother to try. Everything about it is pedestrian. You can anticipate three scenes ahead, and chant along with the dialogue before it’s read by very bad actors. But that pales after a while, so we bailed out about 40 minutes into it.