Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

IMAX Space Station 3D


There’s a few of these out on DVD now. I remember seeing IMAX NASCAR 3D on the shelves. I didn’t see much point to it. Neither film is 3D on DVD, and even the biggest HDTV with the coolest home stereo isn’t going to give you 1/100 of the IMAX experience. On the other hand, this is the International Space Station, and I’d probably watch grain 8MM black and white footage if that’s all there was. And it’s only 45 minutes. Having seen it now, I wish it were longer, and most of all, I’d like to see it on the IMAX screen. A Google search tell me the closest place to me that it’s playing is Houston, at the Johnson Space Center, but with IMAX they can come around again. The movie shows the whole thing, inside and out, from the first module launched, all the assembly, crew activities inside. But I have a feeling the money shots are two close-ups: A shuttle lift-off and a Proton lift-off. Man, that would be something on the IMAX screen!