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Fun with Dick and Jane


I remember the original version of this fondly because Jane Fonda took a leak. Think about it. In how many movies, before or since, have you ever seen a woman urinating? Guys piss all over the place in the movies, but women almost never. Actually, I just can’t think of another instance. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a golden showers freak. It’s just such an unusual thing and I like the unusual. It got a BIG laugh. The rest of the movie was funny, too. George Segal was good at comedy, and La Fonda is no slouch. It’s fun to watch them sliding down the economic poop chute and then, with typical yuppie determination, finding a new career and getting good at it.

This new version is good, too, though less satirical and more knockabout farce, given that it’s a Jim Carrey film. He is the best there is at this sort of physical comedy, and Tea Leoni, who I have always liked (see Flirting with Disaster), is a great foil to him. We laughed a lot. [We being Varley, his mom and sister Kerry. As far as I could tell, they were the ONLY ones in the theater laughing out loud.]