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I have always loved movies about con games and heists. This one looked promising. It is 1960 and Demi Moore works at a company in London that controls most of the world’s diamonds. (It is not a secret, but most people don’t know that diamonds are not actually all that rare. The price is kept high by not allowing too many to be sold at once.) Thus, this company has literally three tons of uncut ice in its vault. It reminded me of Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, where he has a bulldozer to push all his coins around. She joins Michael Caine, who works as a janitor there, and they plan to steal about a million pounds worth.

But when the vault is opened, all the diamonds are gone. She is stunned, not to mention the executives at the company, and its insurer, which is now on the hook for 100,000,000 pounds. Which is the price of the ransom demand that soon arrives.

The movie is going along great until it is revealed just how Caine got all the diamonds out of the vault, which I didn’t believe for a minute. As is pointed out shortly after the theft, it would take a crew of several men quite a while just to move all those rocks. And they ask me to believe … well, never mind, I won’t go into any detail. But it just couldn’t have happened that way.