Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan


(Canada, 2003)

A neat little heist film, and I dearly love heist films. In a way, I guess I have something in common with the guys in the movie. What I do is follow along, almost pretending that I’m part of the gang. What they do, they set themselves a problem, some criminal enterprise, and try to figure out how they would go about pulling it off. They never do these robberies, see, but they map it all out. Somehow, a real criminal gets hold of these plans, and blackmails them into pulling an actual job: $20,000,000 in bearer bonds. Naturally, there are a zillion layers of high-tech equipment protecting the boodle, and naturally they figure out a way to get around all of them, which is not only mentally but physically demanding. All this while, naturally, they are figuring out a way to screw the nasty criminal. It’s all in fun, and I enjoyed it.