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(Second Season) And so one of the more unlikely television series moves on, with a new story that is many years before what was shown in the first season. You may recall that the first season dealt with events shortly after what happened in the brilliant movie. This one goes back to 1978, when Molly Solverson, the cop so nicely portrayed by Allison Tolman in the first series, is six years old. Her father and grandfather are dealing with a gang war between a really nasty family of Dakota locals, the Gerhardts, and a mob from Kansas City trying to take over their territory. Like the first series, it is very bloody, and like the first series, it deals with a lot of people in way over their heads. It is not as good as the first series, mainly because of the lack of the character of Lorne Malvo, so memorably played by Billy Bob Thornton. But it’s pretty good, nonetheless.