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(USA, UK, 2006)

One of the greatest aviation movies of all time was Wings, in 1927. Another was Hell’s Angels, in 1930. There have been a few other movies about flying in the Great War, but not lately. I love movies about planes and flying, but there is something special about these men who went up in those fragile old kites and shot at each other. Those two movies I mentioned had to use real airplanes; these days, of course, a great deal of what we see on the screen here involves CGI. It would be impossible to get shots like that any other way. And don’t expect a lot of character development. They could have grabbed these flyboys from any of a hundred aviation movies. But the aerial combat scenes are good, and there’s not too much they did that would be physically impossible … well, other than getting hit well over a hundred times and not falling apart, I guess. But for a non-challenging, visually great time, this is a good one.