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Fahrenheit 9/11


For years Lee and I have been devoted fans of documentaries. People don’t make them to get rich, they are almost always a labor of love. But they sneak into art theaters and play for about a week, often in December to quality for the Oscars. Then they’re gone. So you may not have heard of this film, but it’s worth your time. It’s made by an obscure filmmaker from Flint, Michigan, of all places, named Michael Moore. Apparently Mr. Moore doesn’t like George W Bush too much …

Okay, enough of that. You cannot review F9/11 without revealing your own political positions. You can say a few things about it as art, such as that the recreation of 9/11 in a dark theater with a black screen and surround sound is one of the most moving moments I have ever had in a theater. I wept. You can take him to task for his customary cheap shots. There are some here, not as many as usual. You can argue his facts. You can argue his slant. (My biggest What the fuck? moment was when he said Iraq was a nation that had never killed an American citizen. Tell it to the mothers of Desert Storm dead, Mike. That was a righteous war against an aggressor nation, supported by the whole world.)

Bottom line, I can’t imagine coming out of the theater feeling anything but angry.

1. Angry at MM if you love Bush.
2. Angry at the thugs who have been raping this country for 4 years now if you hate Bush.
3. Angry at MM if you are a liberal and don’t like the way he cheapens his arguments by going too far, every damn time.
4. Angry if you think that lies in support of what you see as a greater truth are in the end a disservice to your position.

Well, I’m angry. And make no mistake, it’s Bush and his thugs I’m angry at.