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The Fog


… or, The Curse of the Lepers! Or … Sort Of Like The Blob, Only Not So Solid and Gray Instead of Red. But you gotta admit, this movie is not an underachiever. It has managed in a very short time to appear on the coveted IMDb’s Bottom 100, at #100. With a bullet. Which is what John Carpenter should have put through his head when he got the idea to remake his stupid 1980 original, and not even direct it himself.

Does this stuff actually scare people? I mean, I’m realizing that it is no longer possible to scare me at the movies, which is why I hardly even bother to see movies like this. I have only been scared twice at the movies as an adult: Jaws in 1975, and the last time, Alien in 1979. Both movies withheld their monsters until the last reels. What you don’t see is a lot scarier than what you do, and these days the gore starts spilling in the early frames. We see horrific monsters by the zillions, and we aren’t horrified. I suppose small children are scared … but they shouldn’t be seeing gore like this! I remember as a teenager getting some serious shivers from dreck like I Married a Monster From Outer Space. But there’s nowhere left to go with horror. We’ve seen it all, and in my case, far more than I ever wanted to see.