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Avengers: Age of Ultron


(NOTE: I was recently hospitalized for four days. So I did what I did the last time I was there: I watched movies from the small selection they offered. This was an opportunity to take in some that I normally would have passed on. And just as last time, I found they were all movies I was wise to have skipped. At least they didn’t make me any sicker. This is one.)

I have sworn off superhero movies, and this one vividly reminded me of why I’ve done that. The first twenty minutes … I mean, who are the people who like this shit? I know about the rabid fanboys, but there aren’t enough fanboys in the world to pull in the sort of dollars these over-produced turds make. It is all so childish! And not in a delightful way. Stupid, muscle-bound men in silly suits, slugging it out endlessly, and in the process destroying whole cities. One guy here shoots arrows. Screw them all!