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Angels in America


A two-parter from HBO, 6 hours long in total. This is the acclaimed saga about AIDS, set in Reagan America 1985. It’s an acting extravaganza, with Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jeffrey Wright sweeping the acting Emmy awards. Pacino was at his scenery-chewing best, but Wright was the best in the show, for my money. It was always fascinating to watch, had some great writing in it, and even a lot of humor, but in the end was a bit too over-wrought for my tastes. I’m not big on allegory and symbolism, and this was chock full of it. However, it was worthwhile just for the chance to see Roy Cohn die in extended agony. I was standing right beside Ethel Rosenberg at his bedside, hoping he could hold on just a little bit longer, feel his guts twist just a few more times … laughing. Okay, so I’m not a very nice guy.