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SPOILER WARNING. I’ve seen a lot of movies lately about being alone in a tiny boat on the boundless sea. There was Robert Redford in the dialogue-free All Is Lost. Then there’s Life of Pi and In the Heart of the Sea. Seems like I’m forgetting one, too. Well, this is a good one. A couple are hired to sail a fancy yacht from Tahiti to San Diego. A hurricane turns the fancy boat into a floating wreck with no electronics. The man was badly injured during the storm, and is in pretty rocky shape with a broken leg. The twist is that he was actually swept overboard during the storm and never seen again. She’s been imagining him so she can stay sane. Maybe a little like Wilson the volleyball in Cast Away. Based on a true story. The woman in question went to sailing again after all this. Me, I’d move to Colorado so I’d never have to see blue water again.