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(French, 2001)

From Costa-Gavras, the Greek director who specializes in political thrillers. In this one, set during WWII, a German chemical engineer is drafted into the SS (I thought you had to volunteer to be one of those cocksuckers, but never mind) to devise a way to make safe drinking water for troops in the field. He ends up being in charge of deliveries of Zyklon-B gas to the concentration camps. He is horrified at what he sees, and tries with the help of a priest with good connections to the Vatican to get the Pope to speak out. Problem: we already know he will fail utterly. You can still make that work in a movie, as in The Day of the Jackal (the original, not the abomination with Bruce Willis), but it doesn’t here. There are some affecting scenes, but when dealing with the Holocaust it’s hard not to be affected, right? I’d have to say this is a failure.