Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Run, Fatboy, Run


Simon Pegg was the writer and star of one of my favorite comedies, Shaun of the Dead, and also the wildly crazy Hot Fuzz. This one is not quite on that level, but it’s funny as hell. He plays a man, Dennis, who has run away from his wedding to a woman who is pregnant with his child. Now he wants to win her back, but she’s found a new boyfriend who is damn near perfect … on the surface, anyway. The new boyfriend is a runner, so Dennis decides to run in a London marathon. The scenes of him getting in training are hilarious. The marathon itself is not quite so good. There is good supporting comedy from Dylan Moran as his best friend. When Dennis stays over at his place he’s concerned that the friend doesn’t have an alarm clock. He has a simply explanation: “I never have to be anywhere.” Also very good is Harish Patel as Mr. Goshdashtidar, his fat and jolly Pakistani landlord.