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(UK, 2015)

Here we have a six-part mini-series from England that follows the investigation into the drive-by murder of the partner of John River, a homicide detective in London. He is played by Stellan Skarsgard, who is demonstrably crazy. He not only hears voices, he sees dead people, including some he never even met. He carries on a lot of conversations with them, considerably creeping out those around him, including his new partner. It’s a bit of a leap to think he would be allowed to carry on in his job when he is so obviously disturbed, but with the help of a sympathetic psychiatrist he manages to cope. Which is a good thing, I guess, because he is a first-rate detective. Once you get into the idea, and accept it, this is a damn good show. Skarsgard is very good, and so is his dead partner, Nicola Walker, and his immediate superior, Lesley Manville.