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Run All Night


Here we have another mob story starring everyone’s favorite geriatric action hero, Liam Neeson. I have to say, he’s damn good at it, making even a dreary re-tread like Taken 3 at least watchable when he’s on-screen. This time he’s an over-the-hill hit man for Ed Harris’s gang. He and Ed were close, and Ed doesn’t have the heart to send him to the old hit man’s home, even though he’s clearly a disaster.

But then Ed’s piece of shit son fucks up a deal, as he has fucked up everything else in his stupid life, and must kill Liam’s son (Joel Kinnaman), a straight limo driver who witnessed the murder. Liam kills the piece of shit instead, and now Ed has to have him killed. So the slaughter begins. We already know that Liam is going to die at the end, because of a totally unnecessary scene at the beginning, and we can be pretty sure that he will have to kill all of Ed’s mob before it’s over. It’s dark and it’s gritty and it’s action packed without being too unbelievable, though like all action movies these days it often stretches our credulity. It didn’t insult my intelligence, which is rare these days.