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(Mexico, USA, 2018)

When Oscar time rolls around in a few days, this and Black Panther will be the only Best Picture nominees we will have seen. If you read my review of that latest superhero piece of garbage, you will know there is no contest, in my mind, at least. But is this one worthy on its own, knowing not a whole lot about the other six? I have to say that none of the others just leap out at me as something I am aching to see. (I won’t see Vice at all, no matter how good it might be, for the same reason I won’t see W. or I, Tonya. Can’t stand to look at those three people.) So, Bohemian Rhapsody? Meh. Not much of a Queen fan. BlacKkKlansman? Sounds sort of gimmicky, though it’s probably about time Spike Lee won. Green Book? The Favourite}}? I really don’t know. A Star is Born? I still feel that a fourth time around for this old story is a bit excessive. Lady Gaga? Meh. I promise you, I will come away from seeing this version with Judy Garland still firmly lodged in first place.

So, Roma? It’s quite good, but I have to say that not much really happens. The black and white photography is lovely, but the camera work was very, very gimmicky. The camera pans very, very slowly, hardly following the action. I was pleased to see Yalitza Aparicio get a nomination, though I don’t think much of her chances. It will probably go to … sigh … Gaga.

And speaking of Ms. Aparicio, that highlights something that I think is simply wrong about the inclusion of this movie. It’s in Spanish and Mixtec. Scroll down the list of categories and you will eventually come to Best Foreign Language Film, which Roma is also nominated for. It doesn’t seem fair.