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Road to Morocco


I always get a kick out of running gags, inside jokes, anachronistic references and self-references, and breaking the “fourth wall,” and in this third Road movie Hope and Crosby really hit their stride. Hope is visited several times by his dead aunt (himself, in drag), and they twice refer to “Mr. Jordan,” the head angel in the comedy Here Comes Mr. Jordan. In the title song, they sing:

Where we’re goin’, why we’re goin’, how can we be sure
I’ll lay you eight to five that we’ll meet Dorothy Lamour.

And the fourth wall:

Turkey Jackson: A fine thing. First, you sell me for two hundred bucks. Then I’m gonna marry the Princess; then you cut in on me. Then we’re carried off by a desert sheik. Now, we’re gonna have our heads chopped off.
Jeff Peters: I know all that.
Turkey Jackson: Yeah, but the people who came in the middle of the picture don’t.
Jeff Peters: You mean they missed my song?

There is also an unscripted moment when a camel spits in Bob Hope’s face and Crosby cracks up. They left it in the movie.