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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


Read my reviews of #1 and #2 (it won’t take you long), add a lot of dittos, especially the part about not remembering much about brainless action pictures I saw 4 years and 1 year ago, respectively. Do any of you actually recall the plots of those movies, unless you’ve seen them multiple times? We sure didn’t. I had no idea what the black pearl was, who half these people were, what the curse was, why that guy was stuck in the ship’s timbers … the list could be very long. The only thing I remembered clearly about #2 was the great action sequence involving the big wheel rolling down the hill. Does that make me a bad person? Add in that this was way, way, too long, bloated with superfluous plot (I know, I complain about action pictures that have almost no plot at all, but this was excessive) … and then, sadly, that Jack Sparrow has overstayed his welcome. He’s just silly here. And the screenwriters seem to believe that if one JS is good, 100 will be even better. The scenes in Davy Jones’s Locker are boring and pointless. Anything good to say about it? The SFX were titanic, overwhelming, dizzying, mind-blowing … yo-ho-ho-ho-hum. That doesn’t sell a movie to me anymore. The depressing thing is that it’s guaranteed there will be a fourth in this tired old franchise. Yo-ho-ho-ho-ho-hum … and a bottle of rum.