Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Pauly Shore is Dead


I didn’t bother to rent this, but I had to include it simply because when I saw it sitting on the shelf I felt a surge of joy. [Bite your tongue.] Reading it made me happy. [Bite your tongue.] Writing it down makes me happy. [Bite your tongue.] Pauly Shore is dead. Pauly Shore is dead. Pauly Shore is dead. [Bite your tongue. Bite your tongue. Bite your tongue.] Cheers me right up. [Bite your tongue.] However, apparently it’s just a hoax, he’s not really dead, except career-wise. Well, you can’t have everything. Would that it were so easy to get rid of awful, annoying comics. Like this: Gilbert Gottfried is dead. [Bite your tongue.] Emo Philips is dead. [Bite your tongue.] Sam Kinison is dead … hey! He is dead! [God rest his soul.] Maybe it works!