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The Passion of the Christ


Since my Aramaic is a bit rusty and I don’t speak Hebrew, the following review will be in Latin. Caveat Emptor! Cave Canem!

Isthay oviemay ouldshay ebay alledcay “The Assionpay of the Oviegoermay.” Evernay avehay I ufferedsay oughthray uchsay a epulsiveray isplayday of omitousvay erversionpay. Elmay Ibsongay has anagedmay to urntay the orystay of the Assionpay into a upidlystay oodyblay ideovay amegay. Omecay, ourgescay the Istchray! Aketay the ipwhay in ouryay andhay! Oundpay in the ailsnay! Atchway the oregay yflay! It’s unfay! Ibsongay ikeslay to etgay the apcray eatenbay out of imselfhay in all ishay oviesmay. Isthay ilmfay is osay oodyblay it akesmay Illkay Illbay ooklay ikelay The Arecay Earsbay Oviemay. If isthay is Istianitychray, ouyay ancay avehay it.