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Despite the presence of the lovely porcelain doll Anne Hathaway and the talented Patrick Wilson (who we just saw in Lakewood Terrace, and who was so brilliant opposite Ellen Page in Hard Candy), this is a dud. The direction is terrible, with long silences in most scenes. In a picture that is supposed to build suspense, this is fatal. Hathaway is so restrained she almost seems inanimate; she gets no chance to shine. I would have abandoned this in the middle, except I had read that there was a twist ending (which the reviewer said was not worth the long build-up) so I stuck around to see if all this dreary exposition was going anywhere. I won’t put a spoiler warning here because I’m not letting this cat out of this bag. But I have to brag that I figured most of it out before it was revealed, and I’m not very good at that. Let’s just say it probably won’t make you gasp, like The Sixth Sense.