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Perfect Stranger


Halle Berry is a reporter whose friend is killed, and she suspects Bruce Willis, a high-powered ad exec. So she goes undercover in his company to smoke him out. She is helped in her quest by Giovanni Ribisi, a computer nerd. I can’t say a lot more without giving away the ending. I can only complain that the killer could only have been one of three people, and the one it turned out to be was the least likely and the least believable.

To find out what was basically wrong with this movie a tidbit from the IMDb might be helpful. It seems they filmed three different endings, in which each of three characters turns out to have been the murderer of a young woman. To me, the solution to a plot like this ought to flow logically from what went before. If any ending will do, then the screenwriter is being dishonest. Basically, this movie bites the big one.