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The Bucket List


Starts off better than I’d expected. You know from the previews that these guys are dying, and out to have some fun before that happens, and I expected it to be a lark from the beginning. Not so. It’s pretty grim. But then after the list of things to do was made it began to lose its way. I thought it was overboard to have Jack Nicholson be so damn bloody rich that they could do anything, at the snap of a finger. Mightn’t it have been more fun if they had to figure ways to do these things other than just have Jack put it on the endless tab? If I was Morgan Freeman, that would have made me very uncomfortable. I never quite understood why Morgan was doing this. Sure, he’d missed a lot of opportunities, but a whirlwind tour of the Himalayas and the Taj Mahal wasn’t going to make up for that. I didn’t believe for a second that, given a chance to drive a Mustang Shelby 350, he’d treat it like a bumper car. Jack was way too big a lifelong asshole to have turned all gooey inside from what I saw happening on the screen. And the end was pretty shameless at jerking the tear ducts. Not a complete waste of time, but not very good, either.