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Blade Runner 2049


There is not one goddam thing to praise in this film. Even the frickin’ music, by the vastly overrated Hans Zimmer, is horrible. And I hardly know what to say about it, because it is one of those films where, to my horror and disbelief, the critics loved it. At Metacritic there are 47 raves, 7 mixed, and zero negative reviews. And the film is garbage. Even the producer, Ridley Scott, said that it could easily have been shortened by twenty minutes. No shit? Try forty minutes. Try sixty. Better yet, try 163 minutes! It is interminably long, stultifying, blurry, impenetrable, badly written and badly acted. Two days after watching it I could not recall one goddam thing about it! I would be tempted to question my sanity, but I know I’m right and they are wrong. I wonder if it is a matter of everyone having grown so used to learning to praise offal like the Transformers franchise, or the rubbish of the Marvel or DC “Universes.” Is there no trace of discernment left in the modern science fiction audience? Because this movie is a horrible piece of crap. That’s all I can bear to write about it. I’m too depressed to go on.