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Broadway Melody of 1938


Another movie designed to showcase the incredible tapping feet of Eleanor Powell. Her career only included 13 movies, not all of them starring roles, though she continued dancing in night clubs until the 1960s. This was her third big one, and she delivers all the spectacle we expect of her, along with dancing partner George Murphy. Robert Taylor is the love interest, but since he can’t sing and can’t dance, he’s just there for the plot, so who cares? This movie is notable for a small role by Judy Garland, who was not a big star at this time. She sings “You Made Me Love You” to a picture of Clark Gable, and the public loved it. So do I. It also has one of the rare appearances by Sophie Tucker, who is treated rather reverently. She was really too old for pictures by the time sound arrived, and her talents were more suited to the Vaudeville stage, anyway.