Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Black Sheep

(New Zealand, 2006)

“There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand, and they’re pissed off!” I never saw the cult classic, Night of the Lepus, in which giant bunny rabbits terrorize Arizona, but I understand it was played straight. This one isn’t, thank god. Mutant sheep on a remote station (what they call a ranch Down Under) in New Zealand turn carnivorous and our heroes must prevent them from spreading over the whole ovine nation. The best character is a PETA-type activist, who with her boyfriend tries to stop the operation at the lab. He gets bitten, and begins to morph into a killer sheep. Dedicated Vegan that he is, he’s horrified to find himself eating a bunny! She is into every New Age fad you can think of. When she walks into a shabby little cabin with a dead man in it, she says, “Oh, yuck. The feng shui in here is just awful!” The filmmakers here work hard and achieve some success in their parody, but make the fatal mistake of beginning to take it a little seriously at the end. I won’t recommend it, but I’d look at their next attempt.