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Body of Lies


About halfway through this movie I realized that I’d read this story. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember who wrote it. I read a lot, and don’t retain plots very well. I sometimes get to Chapter 3 or 4 before realizing I’ve been here before. So when I got home I looked back at my list of BOOKS READ, and sure enough, there it was, some years ago. It’s by David Ignatius, who is not on my regular author reading list. I think he should be on it, on the strength of this novel. He’s a writer, editor, and columnist for the Washington Post, and an expert on the Middle East, which sure helped him in this book, with its very complicated plot. I believed his story. And I will look for more of his books.
As for the movie adaptation, it’s pretty good. Not quite up to Ridley Scott’s usual standard, but not an embarrassment. Russell Crowe is rather annoying here with a phony southern accent. I didn’t believe in his character at all, not once. But once again Leonardo DiCaprio is very good. There’s an Oscar in this boy’s future.