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Disney’s newest all-talking, all-CGI, all celebrity voices (John Travolta as the super-dog, Bolt, with Miley Cyrus as the little girl) entry in the big-ticket animation sweepstakes. We’re getting at least half a dozen of them per year now. Some are actually good. Some are masterpieces, like WALL*E. This isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s a creditable piece of work. (I see that Twilight ate its lunch this weekend, though. Only $26,000,000 at the B.O. That hardly pays for advertising and prints these days. But it’ll do well on DVD.) Not much else to say about it. Worth seeing, but I won’t be playing it again and again.
Actually, the most exciting thing happened in the trailer that showed just before the movie started. Pixar’s newest venture, Up, is due out next summer. I can hardly wait! Once more, they’re pushing the limits, this time by having a cranky old man (Ed Asner) for a central character. You can’t do that! It’s a youth market, don’t you know? Well, if anyone can pull it off, it’s Pixar. [This movie is not to be confused with the Russ Meyer boob-a-thon Up! (1976) (co-written by Roger Ebert, no less!), which gave the world Kitten Natividad (46EEE-28-39), and where the title seemed to be concerned with how the hell do you keep those humongous bazookas up?]