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The Bling Ring


It’s an incredible but true story. This group of mostly girls broke into the homes of celebrities and robbed them blind. Not only that, but with some of them they did it again, and again, and again. What? Nobody had any private security to come with an armed response, like all those signs you see in the Hollywood Hills? Apparently not. Some of them, like Paris Hilton, had such an incredible amount of stuff that she didn’t even know she had been robbed.

And another incredible thing, to my mind, is that P. Hilton allowed the filmmakers to shoot right there in her own home. I have to tell you, I felt a lot less sorry for our little Paris when I saw how she lives. Walk-in closets? Shit, this lady had closets bigger than most people’s houses. A mirrored room just for her jewelry. Incredible abundance. The rich are different.

I enjoyed the performances of all the actors, particularly Katie Chang and Emma Watson, who has now moved firmly away from being the bitchy little Hermione the witch. And I was cynically not surprised to find out that none of these amoral little sluts served any serious time. There just aren’t enough jail cells in Los Angeles, as Lindsay Lohan can tell you. She has a cameo in this movie, along with Paris and Kirsten Dunst.