Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Cold Pursuit

(USA/UK, 2019)

It is a pleasure to find a movie I knew nothing about, and find it’s one of the best films I’ve seen all year. This is Liam Neeson again, a guy who has become a hell of an action hero in his 60s. But this isn’t really one of those. Here, he’s a fairly ordinary dude who drives a snowplow in a part of Colorado where it can drift ten feet high. His son dies of a heroin overdose. His wife commits suicide, and he is about to follow her when he learns his son was murdered. So he sets out to kill everyone responsible, from the low-level schmucks right up to the guys in charge, who turn out to be Indians.

If that was all it was, it might be fun. He achieves no super-human feats, there are no leaps off ten-story buildings with nary a bruise. But he’s smart and gradually works his way up. Along the way some very, very funny stuff happens, if you enjoy black humor, like I do. It wouldn’t be fair to describe the unexpected plot twists, but believe me, they are many and varied. Some of it is droll, some understated, and some just laugh-out-loud crazy. I could not recommend this movie more highly. Be warned, it is very dark, and can be quite violent.